State of Stephen 2021

It is that time of year again. The time where I share with you the goals I had for the past year and whether or not I actually achieved them. I was perhaps a bit too ambitious this year. 2020 went surprisingly well for my goals, so I figured since COVID would be done by... Continue Reading →

State of Stephen 2020

I have often heard the joke, “The most useless thing I bought this year was a 2020 planner.” We have all had to throw out plans and make new ones this year. As I looked back on my goals for 2020, I had to do the same. Multiple goals were not met. Several were changed... Continue Reading →

State of Stephen 2019

STATE OF STEPHEN 2019 I generally struggle to celebrate what was gone well. As soon as I complete one project, I immediately want to dive into the next one. By Sunday afternoon I am already thinking about next Sunday. However, this leads me to spend a lot of time and energy focusing on where I... Continue Reading →

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