Sermon: Our Father in Heaven

I invite you to open your Bibles with me to the book of Matthew. Matthew is in the New Testament - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. If you are in Zechariah or Malachi you haven’t gone quite far enough. Matthew chapter 6, beginning in verse 9. As always, you are invited to leave your Bibles... Continue Reading →

Sermon: Wake Up!

Greetings from the distant land of Stout. It is truly an honor and privilege to share God’s word with you this morning and for our congregations to join together in praise the one, true God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As I look out among you and see Pleasant Valley and Stout sitting side-by-side,... Continue Reading →

Sermon: Holding Fast to the Gospel

Goede morgen en groetjes van onze familie van Nederland. Bedankt voor het vakantie Good morning and greetings from our family in the Netherlands. Thank you for the vacation. It is truly good to be among you again. You have been missed and prayed for. I’d like to invite you this morning to turn with me... Continue Reading →

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