Sermon: The Name of Jesus

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - we long to hear your voice. In the midst of all the noise, all the shouting, all the scrambling sounds of our days and weeks, we gather this morning to hear your voice. Speak to us in and through your Word. Speak gently and truthfully, may it be like... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Eve Sermon: On the Road with Jesus

Father, thank you for your sustaining grace. Open our eyes to see you, dig out our ears to hear your Word, and give us feet to walk the path you have placed before us. In Jesus’ name, Amen. What was your 2018 like? What are you hoping for in 2019? I’m not talking about new... Continue Reading →

Sermon: Trials and Evil

This morning we reach the end of the Lord’s Prayer, but not the end of our praying. As we have journeyed this fall through the Lord’s prayer, we have seen how praying it bends us toward God in a way we would not have otherwise. We saw the heart of the gospel in the opening... Continue Reading →

Sermon: The LORD will provide

This morning we have the joy and privilege to come to the Lord’s Table. We will come to the feast the LORD has provided, where Jesus Christ will feed us. But before we do, I want to share with you a story from the book that we love. It is Genesis 22, known as the... Continue Reading →

Sermon: One Who Is Righteous

This morning we begin the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. In doing so, we are entering a story that sits quite uncomfortably with many in the late-modern West. The destruction of the cities has been weaponized in the wars of sexuality in the church. Fire and brimstone raining down from heaven and... Continue Reading →

Sermon: The Good News of Easter

This is the good news: Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. This Easter Call and Response is an embodiment of the heart of the Christian faith. There is good news: Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. And we are called to respond in faith. While faith is more than just acknowledging something... Continue Reading →

Sermon: Vine & Branches

Greetings from the metropolis of Stout and Goedenavond van Nederlands. It is always a   privilege to proclaim the Gospel here in Colfax, where these walls have been saturated by the saving story of Scripture for generations. It is also good to be among you after recovering from jet lag. We were in the Netherlands... Continue Reading →

Sermon: The Lamb Will Be Handed Over

Goedenmorgen. Bedankt voor het vacantie in Nederland. Wij vinden het veel leuk. Onze kinderen houdt van de dierentuin. Elijah zegt, “I want to do it again.” (Good morning. Thank you for the vacation in the Netherlands. We really liked it. Our children love the zoo. Elijah says “I want to do it again.”) It is... Continue Reading →

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