Sermon: Greetings From Prison

If you have a Bible with you, I invite you to turn or scroll with me to the book of Philippians. Philippians, chapter 1. If you do not have a Bible, don’t fret, but simply open your ears and prepare your heart to hear God’s Word. We are beginning a new series this morning through... Continue Reading →

Sermon: Christmas for Outsiders

The children and the choir did an excellent job of telling the Christmas story. Briefly, I want us to zoom in on one part of the story, the story of the magi and Herod in search for Jesus. It’s Matthew 2:1-12, but before we hear God’s Word, please take a moment to pray with me.... Continue Reading →

First Glance: Psalm 102

“For I eat ashes like bread, and mingle tears with my drink, because of your indignation and anger; for you have lifted me up and thrown me aside. My days are like an evening shadow; I wither away like grass. But you, O Lord, are enthroned forever; Your name endures to all generations.” (Ps. 102:9-12)... Continue Reading →

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