Sermon: Lot and Sodom

It has been almost a month since I have been able to share the Word of the LORD with you. However, this was not exactly the passage with which I anticipated stepping back into the pulpit. As we will soon hear, Genesis 19 feels more like Game of Thrones than like Frozen. There is violence,... Continue Reading →

Sermon: The Rescue of Lot

Outside of the names of Abram and Lot, few of us will recognize the names we will hear in our passage this morning. As we continue the story of God in the story of Abram, we are entering a dark and murky chapter. It is dark because Genesis 14 is the first story of war... Continue Reading →

Sermon: Nostalgia or Promise?

What do you have eyes to see? When I first got glasses, one of the tests they give is the Ishihara test. They put up a bunch of color-dotted plates and you try to see numbers within them. I have a couple here on the screen. What do you see? I can’t see anything there.... Continue Reading →

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