Prayer: Seeing Salvation

A prayer on reading Luke 2:21-38

Fairest Lord Jesus,

eternal Son of the Father,

you came down from heaven and became incarnate in the womb of Mary.

You took on meekness, took on lowliness, took on humility.

You subjected yourself wholly to the law

– consecrated to the Lord

– obedient in life

– loving in death

Before you spoke a word in the flesh,

you changed the lives of Simeon and Anna.

Holding you in his arms, Simeon could say

he saw the Lord’s salvation.

He could now die in peace having beheld your face

  • May the whole world know that in you and you alone they see the Lord’s salvation
  • Dismiss the dying in the Lord with the peace that they shall soon see you face to face
  • Give hope to all of those in Christ, that we might turn our faces toward your radiance and glorify your name

Anna lived longing for the redemption of Jerusalem.

Night and day, with fasting and prayer, she continually poured out her heart before your throne.

At 84, she was not beyond the reach of your love, not too old or frail to glorify your name. Upon seeing you, thanks dripped from her lips and she could not remain silent. She spoke of hope fulfilled to all those who lived in longing.

  • Awaken our hearts to long with Anna for the redemption of Jerusalem and the whole world
  • Open our eyes to see that redemption has come in Jesus
  • Quicken our souls that we may be wholeheartedly willing and ready from now on to live for you.

We pray all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, the salvation of God, who taught us to pray…

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