Prayer: Speak Woe

A prayer on reading Micah 2:

Holy and loving Father,

We hope to never hear your words of woe,



We hope your eyes were closed,

   your back was turned,

      or you were sleeping

and did not see

what thoughts raced through our minds while others slept.

We had hoped our plans were hidden from your gaze

   as well as their execution.

We don’t want you to see how we took what we wanted just because we could

   how we pushed others aside so that we could get ahead

   how we turned our eyes while others had life, home, and inheritance stripped away.

We don’t want to hear your judgment upon our hearts and hands, but we know that your silence would be worse.

So speak

   Speak and rebuke

      Speak and cleanse

         Speak and forgive

Forgive us our self-love that perpetuates hatred and indifference toward others

Forgive us for praising the powerful for amassing wealth by ripping it from the weak

Forgive us for busying ourselves with our own success, while other brothers and sisters suffered.

Come, Lord Jesus, break open the way for us

   Renew our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit,

   Gather us into your pasture

that in you, we might walk in newness of life,

wholeheartedly loving God and neighbor to the glory of your name. Amen.

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