Discussion Questions for “The Book That We Love”

VIDEO 1: Why did God give us Holy Scripture?

  • Explain the difference between knowing someone and knowing about someone. Why is this difference important when we consider that the Bible was given so we would know God?
  • What could you know about God through creation? How does Scripture correct or clarify this knowledge? What does the Bible tell us of God that we could not know elsewhere? 
  • How have you experienced God using the Bible to bring you closer to Him?

VIDEO 2: Spectacles of Scripture

  • Describe a time where you had difficulty seeing something and then it later became clear. 
  • How might thinking of the Bible as like a pair of glasses change how we approach or how we share it with others? 
  • Describe a time where reading God’s Word helped clarify or correct something you believed. 

VIDEO 3: On or Off Track

  • Describe a time when you found yourself headed to an unintended destination. What was it like to realize this? How did you get back on track? 
  • How have you experienced God guiding you along the right path through reading the Bible? 
  • Pastor Stephen says, “It is not about how hard you work in your spiritual life or even how sincere you are. What matters is whether you are on the right road to true knowledge of God.” How do you react to this statement? Is it encouraging or discouraging? 

VIDEO 4: Labyrinth

  • Apart from God’s Word, how is our knowledge of God like a maze? 
  • How does the image of the labyrinth and red thread highlight the goodness and graciousness of God in giving us the Bible? 
  • Think of a time when you had an idea of who God was, only to have it changed by engaging more deeply with God’s Word – feel free to share any of those experiences in the comments. 

VIDEO 5: Uprooting & Planting

  • In what ways in reading the Bible like plowing? Like planting? like weeding? 
  • Which of the three experiences of reading the Bible – plowing, planting, or weeding – resonates most with your experience of the reading the Bible? Share a story of what that has looked like in your own life. 
  • In you reading of the Bible right now, where in the planting process do you find yourself – preparation, planting, or weeding? 

VIDEO 6: School

  • In what ways is the Bible like a school? What do we learn when we go there? 
  • Unlike with other schools, we never graduate from the Bible or completely master it. Why is this important? What traps might we fall into if we get this wrong? 
  • How does seeing the people in church with you as ‘fellow students in the school of Christ’ change how you treat them? What posture does that invite you to take with others?

VIDEO 7: Firm Foundation

  • Does the authority of the church stand upon the authority of the Word of God or does the authority of the Word of God stand upon the authority of the church? Why does the answer to this question matter? 
  • How would you know you were building your life on the right foundation? How would you know if something was off? 
  • Share an experience where God used his Word to help you weather a storm in your life.

VIDEO 8: Trusting the Spirit

  • What role do proofs and arguments for trusting the Bible play in the Christian life? In sharing the faith with others?
  • Share an experience/argument that increased your confidence in the Bible. Share a moment that caused you doubt. What helped you through it? 
  • Why can’t you argue someone else into faith? How does this change how you consider sharing faith with others?

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